Tuesday, 17 July 2012

1. Heathrow to Christchurch - Part 1

I thought I liked long distance flights but I don't. I just like films, and there are lots of films on the the in-flight entertainment screen thing. But I don't like watching films with no leg room and annoying sponge covered headphones, in a chair that won't recline more than about 5°. 

For those that are interested the films that I have watched so far are;
'This Means War'
'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen'
'The Hunger Games'
'21 Jump Street'

The first three were great, but that last one is dire.

This is me before I left with my suitcase of exactly 20kg, the maximum non-fine weight. The checking in girl was very impressed. I am on the one on the left, the bloke on the right is my dad who drove me down to Heathrow in the rain. We mostly talked about how irritating people undertaking on a motorway are, and other poor lane choosers. A traffic controller with a luminous jacket and a hat took this photo. I was surprised that he stopped doing his pretty important job to do that, maybe they are employing especially friendly people for the Olympics.

I am currently sitting in Singapore airport halfway through my journey to New Zealand, I got here on the biggest passenger plane in the world, the Airbus A380. It was a Singapore Airlines one with the best orange juice I have ever tasted, but what has to be the worst chicken kiev in the world. 

This is the double-decker A380, it is ridiculous that it even manages to get off the floor never mind stay up there for 14 hours.

Singapore airport is a great airport, it is perfectly air conditioned and not too busy at the moment, although there is a Chinese kid whose screaming is starting to put me off. I am sat typing near an indoor koi carp pond, and there is a tropical butterfly house at the other end of the terminal. Heathrow should exhibit its local wildlife too I think, I'm thinking a pigeon aviary to start.  

The Koi.

They have designated feeding times like animals in a zoo.

A tropical butterfly on a slice of pineapple - it gives you an idea of the size of them.

Right I am now going to wander about half a mile down this ridiculously long building to find my boarding gate. The sign says it is an 11 minute walk but I will beat that easily, especially with the horizontal escalators, which I have ridden on probably more than necessary.  

My next post will be from the land of the kiwis, I can't wait!


  1. Fab Freddie! I will enjoy reading your blogs! Joanne!

  2. Brill little bro. Well done. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Xxx

  3. Lovely Blog, Freddie - can't wait to read more. Xxx

  4. Love the blog so far, Like your thoughts on the A380 too.

    Enjoy your time in NZ.